Successful leaders master the Discipline of Inquiry

Inquiry International is a unique management consulting, business consulting , business coaching, strategic planning and business growth organization, dedicated to the Discipline of Inquiry


Business Marketing

Do you have a marketing plan? Need Marketing Plan Advice? For the uninitiated, business marketing in today's world can be an expensive and time consuming nightmare with only marginal results. Even for the professionals, strategic business marketing is a daunting task, because the playing field is ch… Read More

Holistic Business Coaching

Entrepreneurship is a myth. Holistic Business Coaching is an important competitive advantage. There is an illusion that entrepreneurship is an heroic path reserved for those who start their own business or organization. It is not. Everyone is an entrepreneur with their lives. Life is Entrepreneursh… Read More

Entrepreneur Mindset

We can help with any Entrepreneur Mindset. You are what you are thinking. Everything you do is determined by your mindset. Entrepreneurs are their business. How they think about themselves, their business, and their life will determine their success. It all lies in mindset. The entrepreneurial minds… Read More

Business Coaching Services

Business Coaching is every winner's mandatory secret weapon. It is a requirement for any high performance team and an essential element in helping entrepreneurs get out of their own way in order to succeed in life and succeed in business. If you want to reach the top and expect to do it without a co… Read More

Business Consulting Services

business consulting Services: Have you hit a road-block with your business? Our Capabilities Business planning services We assist in business planning. All of the business plans we have assisted in have been successful in raising capital, across a broad range of investors, from angels, philanthropis… Read More

The Sustainable Organization

The world is moving toward sustainability, whether one defines it in terms of ecological sustainability or simply as survival. The bottom line is no longer sufficient to be competitive and to survive. It is now essential to think in terms of the triple bottom line or even the quadruple bottom line, … Read More

Equipped with only one skill, who will succeed in life?

The person who masters the power of inquiry.

What is the root of leadership, management, science, innovation, entrepreneurship, personal and organizational transformation, effective relationships, communications and sustainability?


In life and business most master a path of judgment and conclusion....

Successful leaders master the Discipline of Inquiry

What have you and your organization mastered?

Inquiry International is a unique management consulting, business consulting , business coaching, strategic planning and business growth organization, dedicated to the Discipline of Inquiry™, the most important  value and skill of any leader, manager or entrepreneur. We are a learning organization and teaching organization dedicated to the keys to success, innovation and sustainability, namely entrepreneurial management.  In today's world, anyone who is not entrepreneurial is old news.

We are experts who deliver results  with experience, intellect, and state of the art process innovatively. We also bring heart, penetrating candor and core values of disciplined inquiry, transformative practices and integrity based leadership  that allow us to transform our clients from what and who they were, to what and who they want to be.

Random Testimonial:

“Stewart is a top mind who knows how to help solve tough problems. He creates a unique “collaborative” environment that encourages open dialogue and provides endless learning content. He works tirelessly to help his clients build strategic and very practical solutions to complex challenges and is that rare blend of intellect tempered with business savvy overseen by an Ego that is firmly “in check”. Beyond saying, “this is one Bright Guy”, Stewart is THE consummate supportive professional.” June 27, 2008

Andrea Tobor (client)