Dan Spinner

Managing Director, Executive Coaching Services

Mr. Spinner has 30 years in managing and consulting to not for profit organizations and socially responsible/triple bottom line businesses in the US and Canada and has many years experience as an Executive and Life Purpose coach for clients from many countries across three continents. He has also done extensive management work throughout Asia including Hong Kong, the PRC, Thailand and Singapore.

Dan’s career includes work in the NGO sectors of Healthcare, the Environment, Social Services, the Arts and Colleges and Universities. He has helped raise over $500M for charities and startups from Government source, High Net Worth individuals, corporations and Foundations. Dan has been a senior Executive with a range of NGO’s large and small, established and new. He uses an intuitive decision making process called the Nexus Process which helps his organizational and individual clients achieve major breakthroughs in implementing their dreams.

He is currently the Vice President of Royal Roads University Foundation working on a $100 m campaign focused on the Environment. Along with his more traditional NGO work Dan has been a CEO of the Deepak Chopra Foundation and an Advisor to the Esalen Institute. He lives in Victoria BC Canada with his wife and dogs on 17 acres of rain forest paradise overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

Dan has his BA in Sociology and Anthropology from the University of Toronto and conducted his MA work in the Sociology of Education also at the University of Toronto. He has completed numerous Graduate certificate courses on management and leadership at the University of Michigan. Dan is a black belt in Aikido and has been studying and teaching this “way of harmony” for over 40 years and bringing its principles of flow and energy to his work.

Random Testimonial:

“I've known Stewart for several years, and worked with him jointly in consulting several of our clients. He is one of the most brilliant thinkers I've known. He has the innate ability to go both very wide and very deep with the clients he works. His work at helping them transform their businesses has been integral to their growth. I am proud to call him a friend and colleague.” June 29, 2008

Jack Rued, Managing Partner, OneCoach Consulting, OneCoach (colleague)