The Mind of The Strategist™

What is Strategic Advisor?

For many years Stewart Borie, Founder and CEO of Inquiry International™ has consulted to individuals and organizations, ranging from Startups to Fortune 500 companies as a Strategic Advisor, where his clients have relied upon him to deliver strategic advice across a broad spectrum of issues and problems.


Recently, when a large audience asked what being a “strategic advisor” meant, Mr. Borie was asked to describe, in under 10 minutes, what a strategic advisor actually does.

Mr Borie. commented, “I’m sorry but I don’t have time to write you a short memo, so I’ll explain it this way; people rent my brain”. In follow up conversations with a partner, who has struggled for years with the same question, Mr. Borie knew there was a better way to show this rather than simply explain it as “rent-a-brain”.

A Look Inside The Mind of The Strategist™

The answer was a look inside The Mind of The Strategist™, a presentation designed to show, rather than explain, how a strategist’s mind works.

Build, Buy or Rent?

Everything in Entrepreneurship is a "Build, Buy or Rent" Decision. The entrepreneur can either build what is needed, buy it or rent it. Each option has pros and cons. The concept also apples to brain power.

The Mind of The Strategist shows how a strategic advisor thinks. "Renting" a brain may be a worthwhile endeavour for those who don’t think this way, don’t have a brain like this, or who lack the knowledge, experience, education, and aptitudes to bring the capacity of a trained strategic mind to bear on themselves and their organizations. For those who don’t think like a strategist, they can indeed, “rent-a-brain”.

If you would like to take a look behind the scenes at how a strategic advisor’s brain works, please click on the link below.


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Random Testimonial:

“Stewart has been a fantastic coach and source of self-motivation. With an ability to see opportunity in individuals and the market, Stewart is definately involved, and will continue to provide leadership, in successful and emerging economic models.” July 6, 2008

Hugh Richards, Managing Director, Product Point Group (business partner)